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Every day, disgruntled employees alter checks, scalpers duplicate event tickets and shoppers increase the value of gift certificates. Laser printers, scanners and color copiers have paved the way for a new class of criminal---point-and-click techies who can produce altered checks, medical prescriptions, driver's licenses and other documents that look right-on-the-money when compared with their authentic counterparts. Their tolls are inexpensive, portable and readily available. The once highly skilled art of forgery has literally become child's play. Our Checkpoint system can help you fight back!

CheckPoint® is a multi-feature security system to help protect valuable documents from fraud and theft. CheckPoint® has 5 free security features:


  1. Border copy warning – designed to alert recipients to the security features on the check
  2. Micro-print signature line – extremely small type is used in the signature line (ex. AUTHORIZEDSIGNATURE)
  3. Bleed-through numbering – special red ink dyes in the arabic and MICR numbers that bleed through to the reverse side (recommended for continuous only; not laser compatible)
  4. Chemically reactive papers – stains prevent against alteration attempts from alcohol, acetone or bleach
  5. Invisible fluorescent fibers – visible only under an ultraviolet light

Additional Security Features
  • Void pantographs (Wicker, Standard Register)
  • Prismatic printing
  • Ultraviolet ink
  • Artificial watermark
  • Mead Defensa™ Basic
  • Mead Defensa™ Design SG (white and colored safety with watermark)
  • Mead Defensa™ Premium Boise Check Protect™


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