Cut & Stack Labels


Cut & Stack Labels are an extremely cost-effective choice for high-volume applications because of the way they’re printed—roll-fed printing presses are used to print your cut & stack labels on large sheets, and afterward those stacks of label sheets are either cut with a die into any custom shape you desire, or cut into rectangles and stacked.

Cut & Stack Labels are applied to your cans or bottles by wrapping the rectangular label around the cylindrical surface and gluing the label to itself (the edge of the label to which the glue is applied is called the lap). You end up with a label that wraps all the way around your bottle or container, allowing for maximum label area on which to put logos, designs, nutrition information, and amazing brand experience.

In some applications, Cut & Stack Labels are glued to the surface of the bottle. This process is used, the cut and stack labels are usually die-cut into a smaller shape. This would cut down on material costs because you do not need to fully wrap the container; however, it makes the application process more complex with more glue needed to adhere the label to the surface of the glass bottle or plastic container.

Cut & Stack Label print technologies include, but are not limited to:

– Digital
– Flexographic
– Offset lithographic
– HiColour

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