Quoyeser Print Solutions now offers a web-to-print marketing tool that allows customers to create high-value, customized marketing collateral while reducing costs and maintaining brand image and integrity. Its easy-to-use browser interface enables sales, marketing and customer service departments to expand their capabilities and empower their teams to improve sales efficiency and effectiveness – anywhere, anytime. Collateral can be customized to specific groups then personalized with the recipient’s information creating one-to-one marketing pieces.
Main Components

– Pre-designed marketing collateral templates
– Pre-approved images and text files
– Web development & hosting
– Free-type text areas
– Contact address book
– On-line document proofing and approval
– PDF-to-email and PDF-to-print output
– Website administration tools
– Content (image & text) management tools
– Usage reports


– Web Inquiry Fulfillment (internet-based)
– Corporate Resource Center (intranet-based)
– Co-Branding (extranet-based)


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